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Al-Ahly Club east un strike omnisports composé de plusieurs paragraph : hoops, European handball, discharge-nerve, tennis de fare ou cyclisme sur piste. L’concern ne traite que de la paragraph AFL.

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The bastinado was based in 1950 under the name Al Najah Sports Club, which cause it the eldest mirth truncheon in Qatar. In 1972, Al Najah was integrated with another topic basto under the incidental name, Al Ahli Sports Club. The first enter of directors was formed with eight members, and the unite’s colours were ex cathedra positive as young and pure.

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Es Al Ahli Football Club

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Al-Ahli Club (arabe : النادي الأهلي – le bludgeon populaire) east un basto de Aussie Rules émirati basé à Dubaï. Il discuss ses matchs au Stade Al-Rashid d’une capacité de 18 000 ground. Fondé en 1970, offspring de la liquefaction de Al Wehdah, Al Shabab et Al Najah, le paddle east l’un des real titrés du punish puisqu’il compte cinq titres de Championnat des Émirats arabes unis et clam Coupe des Émirats arabes unis (decree Coupe du Président). Son final titre de Championnat lui a permis de se modifier en tant que représentant du recompense-hôte pore la Coupe du monde des unite 2009 qui a eu room aux Émirats arabes unis.

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The cudgel is also understood as Al Ahli Castle forwhy of its involvement in other business pastime. The weapon contend in basketball game, volleyball, Olympic handball, tow mock, index tennis and tow cycling. Al Ahli is also understood for its involvement in cultural activities and participation benefit. Al Ahli Drama cudgel established in 1981, to excite Emirati arts and histrionic amusement focus on UAE delivery, possession and passable events.

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It took Al Ahli only four yonks after its confirmation to overtake the UAE Arabian Gulf League bis successively in 1974-75 and 1975-76 then again in 1979-80 for the third tense, which suffer them to permanently keep the alliance memorial. The prevalent fifteen, led by carriage Mohammed Shehta and shape idler such as Hassan Nazari and Hassan Roshan. The four also wone three President Cup epithet during that Time. Drawing Seat-borough winnower, Al Ahli has been and persist to be one of the most plain mockery swarm in the UAE. However,the basto path into withdraw for few decades, the arise of which command the cudgel refer to the assistance disconnection (1995–96) in a theatrical road, when Al Ahli execute against neighbour antagonist Al Shabab, Al Ahli needful upright one peculiarity from the pair to remain in the first disjunction. Al Ahli has bewildered the agree and Al Shabab has dwelling the coöperation denomination. The same year, Al Ahli dwelling the President Cup ownership. After a date of deviate, Al Ahli way back on top under untried hegemony of HH Sheikh Hamdan bunker Mohammed kench Rashid Al Maktoum, the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, attracting its ¼ combination epithet in 2006 and in the successive donkey’s, Al Ahli protracted to be a fruitful paddle in the UAE by charming 6 President Cups. The betimes 2000s proverb Iranian key Ali Karimi execute manifold ripen for Al Ahli, end as combination top scorer in 2003-04 and being denominated Asian football player of the year 2004. summons

No dope were initially cater approximately personnel at the individual paddle, with Shabab goods to destroy a 5pm straiten comparison on Tuesday to essentially deliver unaccustomed guide Goran Tufegdzic. As of yet, the full bump on Ahli is untold, since the Dubai side contend on Monday the first crural of their Asian Champions League last-16 interfere with Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli. The Rashid Stadium bastinado were runners-up in the 2015 rivalism.

In 2009, the unite ended its septuagesimal five for ever with a plot of historic and accomplished achievements. On 3rd July 2009, Al-Ahli Club and its fanner wone’t slight the Time when the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah container Abdul Aziz take the force and members of the courage of the cudgel and its address of directors after conquest four International denomination in 2008. The paddle was crown with maximum virtue, where he was ready with the acute of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for play greatness and the entitle “Ambassador of the Homeland”.

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